Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Japan Extending a Hand???

I'm still hot on the trail of these auto manufacturer's and the Wall Street Journal has a good article today about some interesting developments in the saga.

Two of my favorite parts of the article are these:

1)Mr. Okuday, Toyota's chairman, on Monday "called for giving Detroit more breathing room to address its problems, even suggesting Toyota might raise prices on cars sold in the U.S. to ease competitive pressures on GM and Ford."

2)When President Bush was asked last week on CNBC about the auto's he replied with this, "I think they're going to have to learn how to compete."

It's interesting to note that the demise of US auto manufacturer's must not be all that great for Japan. I don't think they are just trying to be nice.

I also don't think that President Bush's comments are all that bad for the US auto industry. I would whole heartedly agree with him. I think the industry will be better and stronger because of this stance.

I don't think the US auto's are going away and I am waiting for a time to pick them

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The Soothsayer of Omaha


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