Thursday, November 18, 2004

Do Something Already...

What am I doing? I thought this was a web site about investing. How are you, the reader, going to learn anything if there is not any investing going on? Well, here is a good lesson for you: Don’t trade/invest just to trade/invest. For long-term oriented traders and investors you have to let the market, stocks, bonds, currencies, wheat, gold, etc. come to you.

I have a goal for this web site of teaching individuals who are from the ages of around 20-30 how to invest so that they can retire wealthy and not have to worry about their future. I also make it fun to watch by challenging a known deity in the investment world. I need to achieve gains of above 25% per year to accomplish my goal. Am I going to accomplish this goal by buying GOOG at $200? No. I will accomplish this goal by waiting for, let’s say, GM to come down to its long-term uptrend (by long-term uptrend, I am referring to a 25+ year uptrend line).

I have my watch list with the stocks that meet the “value” criteria I have set forth for this investment site. That takes care of the fundamentals I am looking for with regards to these investments. Now, the technical analysis side involves sitting and waiting patiently for a good set up. The better set up you get, the better risk/reward ratio you get, the better your odds of making money, the better your profits will be, the sooner you will retire.

I am not investing just to invest.

Best Regards,

The Soothsayer of Omaha


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